About Us

Strategic Partnership Solution

The Alinian Group provides strategic real estate solutions to its partners. The common theme of Alinian is to partner with and provide its partners an integrated solution to maximize the acquisition, development, and sale of residential, commercial, and resort real estate.

Alinian, through its unique blend of development can provide a structured collaborative approach for business partners whereby we do all the work and due diligence for the purpose of exploring, researching, analyzing, site visiting and recommending projects in order to meet and exceed objectives for market growth, selling, acquiring, or building new assets.  In other words, we act as the "Boots on the Ground" for our partners, and joint venture participants.

Alinian’s principals and associates are proficient consultants and managers for new development projects, construction management, site selection and analysis, and regulatory compliance.

Our expertise includes determining and implementing cost cutting, operational efficiency methodologies and best practice models to enhance value and revenue growth.

With over 30 years’ experience in land acquisition, development, market evaluations, management and supervision, Alinian can spearhead full development and construction of all types of real estate projects. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to rental multifamily housing and condominium units.

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